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Upgraded to WebGUI 7.7.28
By Scott - 12/14/2009

Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.28 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.8 includes fixes for bad cron jobs for
handling email for the Collaboration System.  The USPS shipping driver
for domesting shipping will accept zip codes in the ZIP+4 format, and
there was a bad module check in  The module, Template,
is optional.  There are also fixes for the search in the Asset Manager,
LDAP Links and the Matrix.

 - fixed #11289: Gallery with pending version tag causes search engine indexer to puke.
 - fixed #11278: Wrong test for Template::Toolkit in
 - fixed #11282: USPS Shipping Driver does not accept ZIP+4
 - fixed #11284: Collaboration System Cron jobs for email
 - fixed #11287: api pod WebGUI::Shop::Vendor
 - fixed #11292: Search function limited to onje search?
 - fixed #11286: Workflow Instance deleted when reaching an Activity that fails to load
 - fixed #11296: listLDAPLinks op permissions problems
 - fixed #11294: Matrix - Best/Worse Rated Calculations
 - fixed getIsa returns undef for pending assets

Triple Upgrade!
By Scott - 2/15/2010

Whoa.  Fell a bit behind this past month.  Here's the latest updates to WebGUI:


Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.32 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7.32 includes fixes for the sitemap generator, Shop Address Book, EU Tax Driver, Asset Manager, Wiki, Gallery, Style Templates, Folder, Thingy, DataForms with Captchas, Account error messages, LDAP, Cache clean-up workflow activities, Map and Collaboration System.


  * The Google sitemap generator in WebGUI was including hidden pages in the list of pages.  This is now configurable, with the default being to NOT show hidden pages.  If you wish hidden pages to be shown, then in the config file set showHiddenPages to 1.


 - fixed #11044: Optionally include hidden pages in sitemap.xml
 - fixed #11379: Certain fields in some Assets cannot be overridden in the config file
 - fixed #11380: "Use this Address" button in Shop needs to be green!
 - fixed: Due to a typo France was not considered part of the EU by the EU TaxDriver. ( Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi )
 - fixed #11292: Made search less sticky
 - fixed #11377: Normal users can delete revisions in wiki
 - fixed #11378: Cross publishing gallery files does not auto commit
 - fixed #11387: editing a style template
 - fixed #11390: Meta description duplicated in asset Folder
 - fixed #11391: Duplicated Thingy maintains ids for storage fields
 - fixed #11381: Captcha of DataForm cached
 - fixed #11392: account.message var sometimes returns invalid html
 - fixed #11395: i18n LDAP field name in user properties wrong
 - fixed #11396: WebGUI Workflow Cache Error.
 - fixed #11393: Map template variables missing
 - fixed #11336: Duplicate Version Tag Created.
 - fixed #11398: Recent post information keeps disappearing from my forums


Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.31 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7.31 includes fixes for the SQL Report, Collaboration System, Message Board, NotifyAboutLowStock workflow activity, Story Topic, ITransact payment driver, Shop Account plugin, FilePump, Profile Fields, Storage system, Template and the USPS International shipping plugin.


 * WebGUI now requires DateTime::Format::HTTP, to handle parsing HTTP dates.
 * WebGUI now requires JavaScript::Packer v0.4, for compressing javascript.


 - fixed #11348: Typ-o in debug notice SQLReport
 - fixed #11350: Story Topic asset missing description...
 - fixed #11351: Double submits on ITransact checkout
 - fixed #11353: shop - sales - error
 - fixed #11355: Duplicate template error
 - fixed #11347: copy forum
 - fixed #11359: USPS International shipping does not work on United Kingdom
 - fixed #11034: Upgrade errors -- 7.6.35 to 7.7.17
 - fixed #11346: Slow rendering of Thread asset with a lot of attachments
 - fixed #11362: Unable to checkout with ITransact plugin
 - fixed #11364: Notify About Low Stock workflow activity email is not user friendly
 - fixed #11371: Spaces in the names of custom profile fields
 - fixed #11372: All Search Forms should use GET
 - fixed #11373: Problem creating FilePump bundles
 - fixed #11374: USPS shipping drivers take 3 minutes to timeout


Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.30 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7.30 includes fixes for the Asset Proxy macro, the Collaboration System, Survey, Message Board, Image Asset, NotifyAboutLowStock workflow activity and the Event Management System.


 - fixed #11314: hover help clarity
 - fixed #11317: wrong error message in AssetProxy
 - fixed #11318: searching in a collaborationsystem
 - fixed #11332: Pagination in forum urls
 - fixed #11334: Survey missing Add Answer label
 - fixed #11341: tmpl_var forum.threads
 - fixed #11337: Parameters persist
 - fixed #11343: Notify About Low Stock workflow activity not sending out emails
 - fixed #11345: New Image Asset template does now work well with AssetProxy macro and some layouts
 - fixed #11344: Badge Builder doesn't allow pagination


Upgraded to WebGUI 7.7.25... and 7.7.26!
By Scott - 11/15/2009

Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.26 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7 includes fixes for the Tree Navigation,
Group Manager, Template Attachments, DataTable, User profile time zones,
the Map asset, and LDAP authentication.


     * Users, no matter if they are created via anonymous registration,
       via the Admin Console Users screen, or via code, now always get
       their default values from the Profile Fields instead of via
       the Visitor account.  Previously, based on how the user was created,
       they would get default values from different places.

 - fixed #11134: Tree Navigation menu colapses sub items of current page
 - fixed #11203: Manage groups in group: everyone added on save
 - fixed #11209: Form::HTMLArea uses invalid javascript identifier
 - fixed #11186: Template Attachments i18n
 - fixed #11218: LDAPS does not create users automatically
 - fixed #11205: DataTable borked in IE
 - fixed #11215: Los Angeles cannot be default timezone
 - fixed #11220: Map asset badly broken


Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.25 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7 includes fixes for the Survey, Spectre,
Calendar, Event, Tree Navigation, AssetProxy, RSS feeds, Collaboration System,
and several important Shop bugs.


     * A bug introduced in 7.7.22 could cause the Shop sale notification
       group to be reset to the group Everyone.  The bug has been fixed,
       and the group has been reset to Admins.  If you were using a different
       group, you will need to edit the Shop Settings and reselect the
       proper group.
 - Fixed an error being thrown by the CalendarUpdateFeeds workflow activity.
 - The auto add to group and auto delete from group operations that are used with the GroupAdd and GroupDelete macros were fixed to make the user log in if they aren't already.
 - fixed #11179: user.CanStartThread missing from help
 - fixed #11183: Calendar List View
 - fixed #11135: Tree Navigation menu template shows a drop down fly-out menu
 - fixed #10984: Edit Survey Screen isn't right in demo
 - fixed: RSS feeds generated with incorrect link for channel
 - fixed #11188: Incoherence in Navigation edit form
 - fixed #11189: Controls variable missing in image asset in AssetProxy
 - fixed #11190: event tmpl_var in help but not available
 - fixed #11194: Event Asset Recurrence form is not i18n'ed
 - fixed #11192: newByLineage tries to instantiate asset even if no assetId found
 - fixed #11195: Shop, sometimes free checkout does not work
 - fixed #11202: USPS driver does not log authentication errors
 - fixed #10985: Survey: can't add multiple choice answer
 - fixed #11197: Survey Edit Console is not i18n'ed
 - fixed USPS driver only works on domestic addresses.
 - fixed Shop is not sending notification emails to the user, or to the notification group.
 - Set a minimum package weight of 0.1 oz for the USPS driver.
 - Handle per package errors in USPS response data.
 - fixed #11207: Shop Email receipts going out to everyone.

Huge WebGUI Upgrade
By Scott - 6/23/2010

It's been a long time since I've had time to do much server maintenance.  Today I managed to get us all caught up with the latest WebGUI.  We jumped all the way from 7.7.32 to 7.8 to 7.8.22.  I also updated the software that powers WebGUI (the WRE) to 0.9.3.

Nobody reads the bug fix list, so I'm leaving it out.  :-)


Time Traveler Emulator
By Scott - 12/8/2009

Thanks to "rdg2009" from the Daphne IRC channel, SINGE now has a Time Traveler emulator!

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.7.29
By Scott - 12/23/2009

Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.29 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.79 includes fixes for the Matrix, Survey,
European VAT tax system, Search Asset, Wiki and the Bulleted Navigation template.

 - fixed #11299: Matrix - Cannot hide title
 - fixed #11300: Matrix - rating statistics cleared
 - fixed #11293: Matrix - Search not working correctly
 - fixed #11301: Matrix - Comparing too many products error message
 - fixed #11297: YUI Rich Editor fails to load when editing Survey in 7.7.27
 - fixed #11306: Survey i18n: Loading....
 - fixed #11307: Survey i18n #2
 - fixed #11295: asset addChild failure when parent is not committed
 - fixed #10679: i18n TaxDriver_EU::accept when vies unavailable help ( Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi )
 - fixed #11235: wiki search
 - fixed #11313: bullet list template for navigation
 - fixed #11311: Search object and modifiers

New SINGE packages online!
By Scott - 11/3/2009

Due to popular demand (no kidding - we were linked on several retrogaming and emulation sites!), we've made the installation for SINGE on Windows quite a bit easier.  It's still not great, but it can at least be performed by actual humans now.  Enjoy!

Time Traveler Update
By Scott - 5/27/2010

rdg2009 has provided a new build of his SINGE Time Traveler laserdisc game port!  This one will automatically create the needed video files needed to play from an official Time Traveler DVD.

Great job, rdg2009!  Thanks!

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.7.27
By Scott - 11/30/2009

Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.27 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7 includes fixes for the Tree Navigation,
LDAP Connections, Progress Bar, Gallery, SQL Report, Survey, Image Asset,
Recaptcha, Snippet, Code Editor, Map Point, and the Asset Manager.

     * WebGUI now requires LWP 5.833 or higher, to fix a bug in that module.

     * One of the modules that WebGUI uses, Net::Subnets, has been
       removed from CPAN.  Starting with 7.7.27, WebGUI will use either
       that module, or Net::CIDR::Lite.  New installations of WebGUI
       require Net::CIDR::Lite if the WRE is not used.

 - fixed #11134: Tree Navigation menu colapses sub items of current page, missing JS files added
 - fixed #11222: Missing Dependencies
 - fixed #11216: LDAP Connections status incorrect
 - fixed #11229: ProgressBar throws errors on some messages.
 - fixed #11217: LDAP authentication fails if user DN changes
 - fixed #11228: Gallery image upload to other users folder permission denied
 - fixed #11242: Macros not executing in Download Templates
 - added TimeZone form controls accepts spaces or underscores in zone names.
 - fixed #11245: send stats
 - fixed #11247: Survey edit screen broken
 - fixed #11246: - Validation error
 - fixed #11251: perload.perl tries to load t/lib/WebGUI/
 - fixed #11249: Recaptcha https bug
 - fixed #11200: Navigation in AssetProxy cached in browser
 - fixed #11143: cancel button
 - fixed #11259: Snippet content never cached
 - fixed #11254: RTF files are streamed with the wrong content-type
 - fixed #10932: code showing
 - fixed #11263: CleanLoginHistory can cause workflow errors
 - fixed #11185: Code editor broken in IE8 for SQLReport
 - fixed #11177: Code editor steals focus on load
 - fixed #10888: Final touches on map point bugs
 - fixed #11274: Add attachment broken in template
 - fixed #11272: Security issue with asset manager search

WebGUI 7.7.x Notes
By scott - 9/3/2009

The upgrade from WebGUI 7.6.x to WebGUI 7.7.x brings major changes to the WebGUI platform.  Please check your sites for the following "gotchas":

    * 29 templates have been replaced with new ones. These are the templates
      for the Article, File, Folder, Image, Navigation, Layout, Poll, Search
      and Syndicated Content assets. 13 templates have been deleted (Article,
      Navigation and Layout templates). These were deleted because of deprecated
      code, redundancy and because we are want to reduce the number of
      templates. This will make the whole set of templates more comprehensible.

      Changes for all these templates:

      - extra divs, classes and IDs have been added;
      - consistent markup for recurring code, like titles, descriptions, attachments and pagination;
      - inline styles and deprecated code removed.


      - All Article templates:
          - Removed pagination. This will be re-added later, when the pagination macro bug has been fixed (bug #10619)

      - Default Article:
          - Added attachment loop (RFE #4152)
          - Removed code for image, since there now is a dedicated Article with Image template

      - Center Image:
          - Deleted: align="center" is deprecated

      - Left align image:
          - Changed name to Article with Image
          - Removed tables and added styles for img positioning

      - Linked Image with Caption
          - Removed tables and added styles for img positioning

      - Item:
          - Added attachment loop

      - Item w/ popup links:
          - Deleted: pop-up links are bad practice and this doesn't need to be a default

      - Article with files:
          - Deleted: attachment loop now added to Default Article

      - article.css added 


      - Default File:
          - The linktext is title instead of the filename (RFE #10173)

      - Flash File:
          - Template now uses swfobject code
          - Absolute width and height attributes are set in the html to replace the percentage value and inline style


      - File Folder:
          - The linktext is title instead of the filename (like in the Default File template)
          - Tables have not been removed, since they are semantically correct here


      - Image:
          - Only added extra div with ID and class

      - Annotate Image:
          - No changes

      Changes for Navigation

      - crumbTrail:
          - No specific changes

      - verticalMenu:
          - Deleted: best practice is using "Bulleted List" for vertical navs

      - horizontalMenu:
          - Based on unordered list
          - Added styles

      - DropMenu:
          - Javascript cleaned up
          - Noscript alternative added

      - Tabs:
          - Based on unordered list
          - Added styles

      - Tree Navigation:
          - Javascript cleaned up

      - Hierarchical top nav:
          - Javascript cleaned up

      - Synopsis:
          - HTML based on definition list

      - Bulleted list:
          - Now always generates validating html (closing ul and li tags)

      - Indent Nav:
          - No specific changes

      - navigation.css added


      - All table layouts:
          - Deleted: using tables for positioning is bad practice

      - All non table layouts:
          - Removed unnecessary divs ("layoutColumnPadding" and "content")
          - Styles for positioning added

      - One Over Two:
          - Newly added
          - Replaces News, but has one less content position

      - News, Three Over One, Left column:
          - Deleted: we want to reduce the number of templates and only kept the basic/most used page layouts

      - layout.css added


      - Default Poll:
          - General cleanup, added extra classes and IDs

      - poll.css added


      - Default Search:
          - Results in a definitions list
          - Form post back to the current page instead of to the asset in wobject focus,
            this prevents possible "breaking" of the style

      Syndicated Content

      - Default Syndicated Content:
          - General cleanup, added extra tags, classes and IDs

      - Syndicated Articles:
          - General cleanup, added extra tags, classes and IDs
          - Removed inline style


   * A basic behavior of the Inbox has been changed.  If a message is
     sent to a Group of WebGUI users, and any member of the group reads
     the message, then that message is marked as read by all members.  This
     most often happens for commit reminders for version tags that require
     approval.  The old behavior often resulted in several users trying
     to approve version tags that had already been approved.


   * The RSSCapable class and RSSFromParent asset have been removed.
     Any custom assets using those are recommended to switch to the new
     RssFeed AssetAspect.  If not used by custom assets, the tables
     used by them will be removed from the database.

     This will change the URLs for your RSS Feeds from "myAsset.rss" to
     "myAsset?func=viewRss".  You will need to update all Syndicated Content
     assets and other content aggregators that had the old URLs.  Alternately,
     you can use Redirect assets to forward the old URL to the new one.


   * Keywords are now comma separated rather than space separated.  Quotes are
     no longer treated specially and will become part of keywords.  Keywords
     cannot contain commas.  Keyword searching is still case insensitive, but
     keyword will preserve the case of what is entered.



Upgraded to WebGUI 7.7.21
By Scott - 10/3/2009

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7 contains fixes for the Calendar, DataForm,
Thingy, Survey, Shop, In/Out Board, Code Editor, Wiki, Gallery, package imports,
Trash, Clipboard, Subscription, and a general database clean-up.


    * The EventManagementSystem schedule template was accidently given
    the same namespace as the main EMS template.  This allowed the
    wrong template to be chosen for the main EMS template and the
    schedule template.  The upgrade from 7.8.0 to 7.8.1 will attempt
    to fix this when default templates have been used.

 - fixed #10998: wiki page locked?
 - fixed #10924: Calendar event in last day of month does not display in month/day view
 - fixed #10901: Calendar More Button/Display Box IE8 error.
 - fixed #10954: DataForm fails silently
 - fixed #10950: Thingy
 - fixed #10976: Form::Date not internationalized /DateTime::setToEpoch
 - fixed #11005: calendar feed workflow
 - fixed #11008: Test::Class
 - fixed #10990: Survey: View Transposed Results not working
 - fixed #11009: Shipping address is lost after login
 - fixed #11010: Purchasing non-recurring subscription twice does not extend group membership
 - fixed #11011: Inherit URL from parent can generate bad URLs
 - fixed #11022: Deleting user shows "TRUE" prompt
 - fixed #11019: Ctrl-A blinks and deletes code in Code Editor
 - fixed #11024: In/Out Board Busted
 - fixed #11025: Yo dudely in Wiki Keyword Search Template
 - fixed #11027: trash warning but no trash-limbo warning
 - fixed #11031: AssetProxy refering to trash-limbo asset
 - fixed #11028: IOB: Not choosing status causes Problem With Request
 - fixed #11029: enableStreamingUploads
 - fixed #11018: no lowercase typing possible in addressbook
 - fixed #11033: Calendar, recurring dates
 - fixed ExpireIncompleteSurveyResponses workflow sending one email per asset revision
 - fixed #10994: Gallery: Problems with uploading ZIP-archives
 - fixed #11032: The Thingy form field "otherThingy" not checking for privilege
 - fixed #11037: Maintenance page is being cached
 - fixed #11056: No history in wiki 
 - fixed #10988: EMS Schedule -- Data Error
 - fixed #11001: Shipping plugin returning nothing, causing price formatter to puke
 - fixed: DataForm allows edits when locked by another version tag
 - fixed #11059: WebGUI upgrade packages do not overwrite versions in the db
 - fixed #11064: spelling error
 - fixed #11062: subscriptionCode
 - fixed #11061: SQLForm_fieldOrder
 - fixed #11066: wrong definitions

We're Growing!
By scott - 8/31/2009

Jaeger Technologies has been around in some form or other since 1988.  In 2005 we did all the legal mumbo-jumbo to transform from an overgrown hobby into an actual business.  Today we move up again!  "Jaeger Technologies" is now "Jaeger Technologies, LLC"!  What's the "LLC" mean?  We're a corporation now!  Over time we'll be updating all our sites and logos to include the change.  Thank you to all our customers and friends who have been along for the ride.

Major WebGUI Upgrade
By scott - 9/3/2009

WebGUI 7.7.19 is the first stable release in the 7.7 series.  This latest release contains bug fixes for the Event Management System, Shop Admin, Ad Sales asset, Calendar, Poll, and Search.  A focus of this release was internationalization.  Our credit card payment plugin and search engine will now handle international text, fixing long standing issues with non-latin1 character sets.

WebGUI 7.7 includes new Assets for creating news sites (Story Archive, Story Topic, Story), online ad sales (Ad Sales), selling rows in an Thingy (Thingy Record), a content/picture carousel (Carousel) and interfacing with Google Maps (Map).  The Shop has a new shipping driver for the United States Postal Service, payment drivers for PayPal and Ogone, and a vendor management interface, allowing you to pay people who sell items and content on your site.



 - fixed #10838: Forwarded forum post email to new CS adds reply to original thread
 - fixed #10872: Purging an asset leaves old version tags
 - fixed #10867: EMS: can't set Ticket time
 - fixed #10855: Bug in submitting data to ITransact
 - fixed #10868: EMS Schedule screen won't display
 - fixed #10857: Wrong entry i18n:
 - fixed #10839: Ad Sales: Uploaded Images Disappear
 - fixed #10851: Search Template Pagination
 - fixed #10850: Unable to check out with Sales Ad asset
 - fixed #10845: Shop 'Who can manage' denied access
 - fixed #10849: Shop: Bad behavior with no shipping drivers
 - fixed #10843: Ad Sales: how many do I have to buy?
 - fixed #10835: Ad Sales: Ad Space field not user-friendly
 - fixed #10841: Ad Sales: hover help spelling error
 - fixed #10833: Calendar feeds not versioned, not duplicated
 - fixed #10831: Graphing tab in Poll is not i18n'ed
 - fixed #10829: Extra field in Poll Property tab
 - refactored out JSON collateral module, to use with any module in WebGUI.
 - fixed #10825: Text and MediumText fields should be LongText
 - fixed #10808: Ask user about using rich edit option causes error in IE6
 - fixed #10822: spectre pid sucks
 - fixed #10817: Datatable not internationalized
 - fixed #10816: Minor Capitalization Issue
 - fixed #10814: matrix translations
 - fixed Survey reporting of simple/transported results to csv/tab
 - fixed #10797: searching non-ascii-characters (e.g. wiki), part 2
 - fixed #10830: Pie chart broken (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)

WebGUI Primer Updated
By Scott - 10/5/2009

We've placed the brand-spankin' new "WebGUI Primer 7.7" guide online...

Feel like you're swimming in a sea of assets and commits?  Help has arrived. The WebGUI Primer is a free guide to content management specifically written to aid the novice WebGUI user. Download over 145 pages of free documentation to help you get started managing content on your WebGUI site today.

The primer aims to provide step by step, easy to understand instructions for some of the most basic functions in WebGUI. WebGUI newbies now have the security of a guide that will allow them to practice asset management at their own pace. The WebGUI Primer begins with the beginning: logging in and entering admin mode. Graphics are supplied to help the user become familiar with the appearance of WebGUI and toolbar functions.

The most common assets in WebGUI are mapped out with step by step instructions and many screenshots for visual support. The instructions are supplemented with side notes and tips provided by Plain Black staff to help provide insight into each asset and its features. The Primer will help users gain the confidence needed to begin exploring and experimenting with WebGUI to realize its power and versatility.

Download the free PDF and begin exploring WebGUI today!


Upgraded to WebGUI 7.7.23... and 7.7.24!
By Scott - 11/1/2009

Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.24 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7 is released to address a problem
introduced in 7.7.23 that interferes with upgrading from 7.6.35 directly
to 7.7.23.  This problem has been fixed in 7.7.24, meaning that you
can upgrade from 7.6.35 to 7.7.24 without any problems.

 - fixed #11176: New upgrade error in 7.6.35 to 7.7.17
 - fixed #11181: ableToBeFriend label not i18n


Announcement: WebGUI 7.7.23 (stable) released

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7 contains fixes the DataForm, Thing, Map,
Clipboard, Syndicated Content, RichEditor, Calendar, Spectre, Collaboration
System, Image, Matrix, Wiki and the Shop.

 - fixed #11126: WebGUI database has varchar fields
 - fixed #10989: DataForm List: No pagination
 - fixed #11128: Thing breaks w/ default value for date field
 - fixed #10888: Issues with adding points to Maps
 - fixed #11139: referencing an item in the clipboard
 - fixed #11146: Upgrade Error 7.7.21 to 7.7.22
 - fixed #11147: fail safe template is missing embedded style
 - fixed #11137: Customers see failed orders
 - fixed #11156: Syndicated Content doesn't show all headlines in feed
 - fixed #11138: RichEdit, upload image does not commit a version tag
 - refixed #2569: robots.txt issues
 - fixed #11157: calendar tool for entering add event date
 - fixed #11158: Calendar iCal feed doesn't show today's all-day events
 - fixed #11131: https / http URLs still caching across secure/insecure boundary
 - fixed #11093: Spectre cron can DoS server with many sites
 - fixed #11074: Links to CS posts not working
 - fixed #11152: Image edits do not autocommit version tags
 - fixed template attachments are not cleaned up during purge
 - fixed #11150: matrix - search boxes all ticked
 - fixed #11063: template_attachments
 - fixed #11002: Matrix shows backend stuff on load
 - fixed #11086: bad urls in wiki
 - fixed #11047: required field on dataform
 - fixed #11162: Can't delete calendar Related Material Link
 - fixed #11166: Documentation bug - addChild
 - fixed #11116: Deleted user's version tags and revisions
 - fixed #11168: Points do not work with uncommitted Map
 - fixed #10888: Add Point... how do I enter details?
 - fixed #10887: Map Point dropdown doesn't update
 - fixed #11172: Collaboration broken vars: isSecond, isThird etc.
 - fixed #11154: vendor payouts screen borked ( Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi )
 - fixed #11165: DatePicker broken in IE7

Server Migration - Complete!
By scott - 8/14/2009

Our new server is up and running beautifully!  We'll still be doing performance tweaks and minor adjustments as time goes on, but already it's outperforming the one it replaced.

If you have any problems with anything, please let us know.

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.7.22
By Scott - 10/25/2009

This stable release of WebGUI 7.7 contains fixes for the Shop, Internationalization,
Datepicker, Product, Image, Survey, Syndicated Content, Storage, Asset Manager,
Event Management System, Story manager, Profile, Matrix, Articles and the Wiki.
Several issues dealing with displaying dates via the DatePicker were also


    * WebGUI creates thumbnails for uploaded images.  The name for
      those thumbnail files is created by prepending "thumb-" to the
      name of the file.  If a file that start with "thumb-" is created
      then WebGUI would throw an error.  Starting with 7.7.22, files
      that start with "thumb-" will be renamed by removing that
      prefix from the filename.


 - fixed #11070: i18n Asset_Navigation::assetsToInclude
 - fixed #11068: ITransact_recurringStatus
 - fixed #11075: product destroys variants
 - fixed #11073: preview interchanges width and height properties
 - fixed #11079: Datepicker, without times, does not highlight my birthday
 - fixed #11071: Form::Date / Session::DateTime
 - fixed #11076: WebGUI::Account::Friends message_rpp
 - fixed #11067: My Purchases Detail Template - Status Message broken
 - fixed #11081: Prop style in 7.8.0?
 - fixed #11083: TGC template bug fixes, round #1
 - fixed #10544: Child assets under uncommitted parents
 - fixed failure in test 250 of t/00_compile.t
 - fixed #11084: option to view private profiles
 - fixed #11082: Admin group in Visitor group?
 - fixed #11049: form caching incorrectly
 - fixed #11088: i18n Survey Section Information
 - fixed #11087: SC asset repeats its own description in feeds
 - fixed #10916: png icon
 - fixed #11100: syncToCdn's help is not proper POD
 - fixed #11098: Leaving a version tag makes everyone leave
 - fixed #11101: 7.6.35-7.7 upgrade leaves packages
 - fixed #11096: Error on deleting FAQ(CS)-item
 - fixed #11089: No message body in Notification
 - fixed #11060: Some tables have latin1 as the default character set
 - fixed #2569: robots.txt issues
 - fixed #11104: Wrong name for request tracker post form template
 - fixed #11077: Untested result in WebGUI::Storage->getFiles
 - fixed #11080: Asset Manage Crumb Trail flyout menu
 - fixed #10874: EMS Schedule displaying incorrectly
 - fixed #10956: Account, Profile system bad rendering with lots of
 - fixed #11112: story archive RSS feed
 - fixed #11121: Syndicated Content search terms require both title and description match
 - fixed #11115: Matrix Default Screenshots Config
 - fixed #11106: linked image with caption
 - fixed #11057: Deleting wiki attachments
 - fixed #11122: Survey icon is missing from admin console
 - fixed #11107: linked image with caption
 - fixed #10914: Shop: No email notifications sent when the cart has net value 0

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.7.20
By Scott - 9/16/2009

The 7.7.20 stable release of WebGUI contains 38 bug fixes, for the Survey, Story Manager, Wiki, Ad Sales, EventManagementSystem, In/Out Board, Matrix, Shelf, Macros, i18n fixes, Workflow, ThingyRecord, Newsletter, Collaboration System and the Calendar.

The new code editor, for Extra Head Tags, now works with Javascript and CSS.  The 7.7.19 upgrade had problems with many templates not being upgraded properly.  This release fixes that issue as well.

 - fixed #10982: Survey menu options appearing twice
 - fixed #10890: Story Manager: pagination broken for keywords
 - fixed #10856: no paginate in wiki keyword search 
 - fixed #10877: getProfileUrl() broken
 - fixed #10878: Template issues in 7.7.19
 - fixed #10844: Ad Sales: No template variable Help
 - fixed #10873: Code editor breaks CSS comments
 - fixed #10884: EMS Lookup Registrant problem
 - fixed #10883: Recover Password / Auth::WebGUI /getSiteUrl
 - fixed #10892: In/Out Board
 - fixed #10893: Code editor uses element-min.js
 - fixed #10891: Asset manager JSON feed has macros processed
 - fixed #10900: Matrix: Product Listing template
 - fixed #10902: Shelf asset is whiny
 - fixed #10879: Collaboration System Thread lose attachments
 - fixed #10876: EMS Schedule displaying wrong dates for ticket events
 - fixed #10915: StoryManager: Carousel clips content
 - fixed #10907: profiles viewable by everybody
 - fixed #10967: Using a round bracket (parenthesis) in a macro
 - added custom box size to USPS driver, priority service
 - fixed #10919: is visitor or is not visitor??
 - fixed #10920: addUser or addGroup?
 - fixed #10921: different tags - same message
 - fixed #10922: double tags
 - fixed #10923: Typo in i18n
 - fixed #10925: Wrong message in i18n
 - relabel Help in the Admin Console to Template Help
 - fixed #10928: EMS Print Ticket -- Time not processed for timezone
 - fixed #10889: Old Matrixs break for Admin users
 - fixed #10939: Commit with Approval workflow does not show confirmation screen
 - fixed #10943: ThingyRecord JS Broken
 - fixed #10941: New user profile fields with unfortunate names
 - fixed #10955: Story Manager: unable to import packages
 - fixed #10970: Newsletter Asset: no subscribe link
 - fixed #10953: SendNewsletters Activity: Invalid template variable
 - fixed #10913: User profiles: Impossible to delete field contents
 - fixed #10929: EMS Ticket Start Date Sort
 - fixed #10885: Code Editor breaks Javascript comments
 - fixed #10991: Calendar: bug in Display tab

Server Migration - Update
By scott - 8/12/2009

Our new DNS and Email servers are now in place and running great! To make things even easier, we've decided to continue to run a POP3 server for people who wish to use it instead of forcing a switch to IMAP.

It will take a few days for all the DNS updates to settle down. Once that happens, we'll finish up syncing email and shut the old box down.

Hopefully, you'll all see a lot less spam and get faster name resolution when using our servers.

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.6.31
By scott - 7/14/2009

This release fixes a long standing bug with editing a page.  Immediately after editing a page, there were no editing controls or drag bars.  This has been fixed.  All page layout templates now use H2 tags, instead of a random smattering of H1 and H2.  Comments added to a wiki now show linebreaks in HTML.  The If macro will now consider a value of 0 as false.  Exceptions from the Shop are now proper subclasses of WebGUI::Error, so exceptions will be caught.  Some sites that hand modified the user profile table could not create new User Profile fields.  This bug has also been fixed.


 - fixed #10610: editing a page and editing goes away
 - fixed: Exceptions from WebGUI::Exception::Shop
 - fixed #10579: H1 vs H2 in PageLayouts
 - fixed #10629: WebGUI::ProfileField create new field bug
 - fixed #10626: Carriage returns stripped from Wiki comments
 - fixed #10630: If macro says that 0 is true

Server Migration - It Begins (Again)
By scott - 8/5/2009

Once again we're upgrading and moving services around to improve the performance and stability of our network.

Our main servers are now all running Ubuntu 9.04, either 32 or 64 bit depending on what the server does. Only DNS and Email remain to be migrated.

You should not notice any change when the DNS server makes it's hop to it's new server, but Email may be a different story. We're doing everything we can to prevent any kind of service outage, but during the move you may receive a message twice or get a few delivered out-of-order.  If you receive an error while attempting to send or receive mail, just try again in a few minutes.

None of your Email settings should need to be changed, however, we are going to drop support for POP3 and move to the far more secure and feature-filled IMAP transport for picking up your mail. If you currently use POP3 and need help reconfiguring your client, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.6.35
By scott - 8/11/2009

WebGUI 7.5.35 contains fixes for the NewMail macro, the Rich Editor chooser for the Inbox Account Plugin, utf8/latin1 encodings in the database, Gallery, SQL Report download groups, the Admin Bar, the Cart plugin for the Shop, and the Rich Editor itself.  Many of the labels in the LDAP authentication screens were updated to be more clear and to use LDAP terminology.


    * It was found that the combination of
        DBI: 1.52
        DBD-mysql: 3.002
      will cause an error during the 7.6.32 upgrade.  Later versions
      of these modules should work.


 - fixed #10751: Only users in Content Managers group can make Shortcuts
 - fixed #10752: Missing SQL Report download group default
 - fixed: #9595: Gallery layout corruption with old browsers
 - fixed #10279: Some columns still latin1 after upgrade to 7.5.40
 - fixed #10753: Admin Bar will only display 1 title at a time
 - fixed #10748: In-store credit not reported correctly in email
 - fixed #10746: SQL queriy is improper for MySQL compliant query
 - fixed #10744: Shop quantity bug in Cart
 - fixed #10724: gotcha.txt for 7.6.34 enhanced
 - fixed #10723: RSS Feed Error in Gallery
 - fixed #10738: Events do not revision their storage locations
 - fixed #10316: Cannot view pending version tags
 - fixed #10710: testEnvironment 7.6.33 
 - fixed #10689: Version Tag Modes (Henry Tang, Long Term Results B.V.)
 - fixed #9777: Cursor disappears in non-Rich Editor window
 - fixed LDAP labels were made more consistent with typical usage.
 - fixed: New Mail macro never returns any messages
 - fixed #10743: Inbox Rich Editor selection not saved (Eric Kennedy)

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.6.30
By scott - 7/8/2009

The biggest bug fix in this release has to do with iCal feeds.  Our iCal code is now tested and much more robust and correct than before.  If a snippet was empty, then it would ask you to add a page with the same URL that it uses.  This has been fixed.  Empty snippets now just send you no content.  There was a bug fixed in the 7.6.25 to .26 upgrade having to do with cleaning out old AddressBooks.  Unless you use the Shop and have users who have deleted their accounts you will not come across this bug.  The Collaboration System is now more tolerant of UTF-8 characters when autogenerating a synopsis.  A rendering issue was fixed in the Thingy where the Cancel and Submit buttons were hidden.


   * It was mistakenly reported that 7.6.29 would be a stop version for
     upgrades.  This is incorrect.  7.6.29 is not a stop version.


 - fixed #10602: Calendar feed importing extra characters.
 - fixed: Internationalize Event edit form error messages.
 - fixed #10605: Upgrade 7.6.24-stable to 7.6.29-stable
 - fixed #10607: snippets empty
 - fixed #10601: Edit field in Thing: no submit button
 - fixed #10612: strange i18n, with regard to label
 - fixed #9935: German characters in Collaboration System


Upgraded to WebGUI 7.6.32
By scott - 7/22/2009

This release fixes many bugs in the Shop, in the Product, in Shipping and Payment plugins and the Shelf.  The Zip Archive has been enhanced to accept archives with subdirectories.  The Database Link Admin Console was fixed.


 - Fix template not found diagnostics.
 - fixed #10637: shelf displays assets it shouldn't
 - fixed #10668: shop pay drivers
 - fixed Pay Drivers update their objects
 - fixed #10658: Delete in Story Archive doesn't delete in Story Topic
 - fixed #10671: shop checkout address copy broken
 - fixed #10660: Crud doesn't like 0
 - fixed #10678: i18n in WebGUI::versionTags.icon
 - fixed #10686: Can't access Database Links
 - fixed #10650: Unflatten WebGUI storage locations
 - fixed a bug where VersionTag->get would return an unsafe copy of its
   state ( Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi )
 - fixed a bug in My Purchases where in store credit would not be taken into
   account in the overview yielding zero or neagtive transaction amounts on
   the screen. ( Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi )
 - fixed #10643: Products: Pictures gone

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.6.33
By scott - 7/29/2009

This release fixes the Pagination Macro.  It will now safely split content, even if it is inside HTML tags.  Rendering issues have been fixed with the Product, Calendar, and the Account templates.  The Default Gallery Album View Thumbnails template has been reworked to use CSS instead of JS for the thumbnail pop-ups.  A bug in the the Syndicated Content asset has been fixed, where it had a problem with identifying some URLs.  The Duration Form plug-in now does a better job of remembering exact intervals.


    * The Default Gallery Album View Thumbnails template has been reworked
      to get rid of intermittent rendering bugs with IE7.  The thumbnail
      pop-up is now completely CSS.  The thumbnails.js file is still available,
      but is now considered deprecated.


 - fixed #10687: i18n Asset_Product::buy_form_options
 - fixed #10651: Dashboard Content positions
 - fixed #10695: Adding a new article creates a new version tag
 - fixed search indexer concatenates keywords to content.
 - fixed #10677: Syndicated Content ???
 - fixed #10590: Session::DateTime->secondsToInterval doesn't allow 7 weeks
 - fixed #10619: Pagination macro
 - fixed #10596: Dates in calendar wrong offset
 - fixed #10698: hard coded root paths in account templates
 - fixed #10702: Product displays empty brochure, warranty, manual fields
 - fixed #10510: Product Thumbnails overlap Controls
 - fixed #9962: gallery thumbnail view: JS problem in IE7

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.6.34
By scott - 8/5/2009

This release fixes resizing of the CodeArea (used for editing templates), javascript errors in the Matrix, and bad style templates in Folders in the Import node.  Two calendar issues have been fixed, making the Calendar more compliant with iCal.  Please be sure to read the gotcha about Spectre needing a PID file.


    * Spectre now works like many other programs and writes a PID
      file.  The location of that file is required to be in your
      spectre.conf file to start or stop.  After installing this
      version, you will need to manually kill spectre and then
      restart it.


 - fixed #10667: cannot change size of template editor
 - fixed #10692: Unprivileged users can stop spectre
 - fixed a bug where the textarea (based) form plugins would put multiple identical style tags in head in some cases, which caused javascript errors in IE. ( Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi )
 - fixed #10720: Calendar iCal dates can exceed the number of days in a month
 - fixed #9850: Calendar Import Incorrect
 - fixed #10721: Invalid/Missing Style TemplateIds in use
 - fixed #10029: Account CSS rule scoping
 - fixed #10641: Matrix Asset - Compare/Search buttons broken in Opera

New News
By scott - 7/7/2009

To help people keep up with all the changes going on here at Jaeger Technologies, we've decided to add a news section.  We'll post all the latest goodies here, and if you want, you can even subscribe to the updates or pick them up using an RSS reader.

Pretty exciting, eh?

Upgraded to WebGUI 7.6.29
By scott - 7/7/2009

This release has two important fixes for the Calendar.  A bug with importing iCal data was fixed, where the CalendarUpdateFeeds workflow would ignore the last line.  The datepicker was also fixed, so that multiple datepickers on a page do not leak dates between each other.  There is also a bug fix for error handling during EMS imports, and inconsistent metadata handling between assets.


   * Due to changes in the userSession database table, you must upgrade
     to 7.6.29 before upgrading beyond this version.
   * WebGUI has allowed metadata possible values to be processed differently
     by Posts than from other Assets.  This causes problems when metadata is
     shared between Posts and other Assets.  To rememdy this, all metadata
     possible values are being moved into the standard "pipe format", and
     the Post will no longer process data in the other format.


 - fixed #10549: EMS import
 - fixed #10574: Creating Calendar Entry
 - fixed #10522: Metadata value & label problem 
 - fixed #10594: iCal title display error.