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WebGUI - Features

Rule the WorldWhat can WebGUI do for your organization?  He's a brief overview:

  • NUMEROUS CONTENT APPLICATIONS: WebGUI comes installed with a wide array of content publishing applications. Publish articles, conduct surveys, manage events, track projects, post photos, discuss on a blog... the possibilities are endless!
  • VERSIONING: WebGUI’s versioning system ensures that content is only published when ready. Version tags store content on the site, allowing for collaboration and revisions. Content can be sent through an approval system to further ensure its accuracy. Content mistakenly published to the site can be "rolled back," returning the website to its previous state.
  • SECURITY: Every application in WebGUI has a set of privileges associated with it, allowing you control over who can see and edit content on the site. Groups are assigned access on a per-application basis, and users within groups may be bound to an existing LDAP directory.
  • COMMERCE: WebGUI’s commerce system allows you to sell merchandise or subscription services on your site. Passive profiling can be used to provide a personalized and rewarding shopping experience for your customers. Use WebGUI’s advertising interface to place advertising banners on your website to promote products.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Everything in WebGUI is a template, which means everything you see in WebGUI can be customized. Making your website reflect your organization has never been easier.
  • SHORT FRIENDLY URLs: Instead of something impossible to remember like products.aspx?productId=339883;catId=933, WebGUI creates simple URLs like shoes/black-boot.
  • EASE OF USE: WebGUI’s consistent user interface helps users quickly become adept at managing content. Features such as drag and drop content positioning, customizable rich editors, and date and color pickers make creating content simple.
  • PERSONALIZATION: Sites can be dynamically generated to reflect users’ viewing habits. The WebGUI user interface can be customized on a per-user basis depending on each user’s skill level.
  • POWERFUL API: Developers can quickly plug in new functionality to get the most from a site. In addition, WebGUI’s standardized plug-in points maintain the upgrade path even with customizations.
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION: Users can work and publish in an interface in their native language, or as many languages as necessary.
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